AlegroCart open source E-commerce
Version 1.2.4 introduces a new cart and checkout format which features coupon, general discount and minimum order value.
Shippable & non-shippable items, over weight orders are now controlled by checkout process.
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AlegroCart is a free open source e-commerce shopping cart solution based on MVC Framework. You can have your own shopping cart operational in a very short time, which can be managed through administration by you and your staff.
Requires PHP5, Apache2 webserver and MySQL5 database.
Easy to install, full featured, easy upgrades and fast operation, with full technical support through the community forum.
AlegroCart has Multi-lingual Capability, Worldwide Country Support, Maintenance Mode, SSL Support, Geo Zones for Tax & Shipping, Multiple Tax & Weight Classes, Stock Level Control, Ajax Add-to-Cart with Image Animation to Cart, One-Click Currency Updater...
AlegroCart comes with a modular template system that features separate style folders.
Templates, Styles, Colors and page layouts as well as module layout are all set by the template manager in admin.
Join our Community Support Forum as well!
Your input, feature requests, and bug reports are welcomed and will help make this a better project for everyone.
Product by Manufacturer, Category and Search Display Page Features
  • Selectable Image Size.
  • Ajax Add to Cart, which can be enabled or disabled in admin.
  • Product options can be included in 1 column display, with instant price update.
New Selectable Template, Styles and color schemes.
  • Templates, styles, and color schemes are now sparately selctable in admin.
  • There are currently 13 different color schemes in the default style folder.
  • Most style modifications can usually be implemented in just one color css file.
  • New: Template Manager
  • All modules and their page location are now selectable in the template manager.
  • Modules and locations can be set by page, as well as color scheme and page columns, 2 or 3 column layout.
Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO + Automatic URL Alias Generator: SEO URLs created for all pages, categories and products.
  • Pagination is also SEO URLs.
  • Meta Title, Descriptions and Keywords available for products and categories.
  • Meta information is added to Database in admin by product or category..
  • These are dynamically added to the page head.
  • RSS Feeds
Modular Template Design
  • Display templates consist of a side column template, a center(content) one column template, a center muliple column template, and a template for display options.
  • All controllers requiring product display or display options will use one of these templates.
  • Common functions such as Add to Cart, Product Options, and Image Rendering are contained in their own template all will be shared by all other templates as required.
  • This allows modifications in one file to be changed in all modules and controllers.

Product Descriptions
  • Product and Category Descriptions are available in multi-language
  • Product has Main description with unlimited number of characters, alternate short description with a 256 character limit, and technical information with unlimited number of characters.
  • The main product description has the ability to include hidden description that is available to the product search, but is not displayed.
Current Display Modules
  • Featured Products: products set on admin product page
  • Latest Products: most recent products added
  • Specials: products set on admin product page for this module
  • Related Products: Only available on Product Detail Page if Available
  • Popular products: Based on most viewed products
  • Developer: Display developer name and link at page bottom.
Error Handlers
  • Log errors to log file.
  • Show only to developer.
  • PHP custom error handler
  • MYSQL customer error handler
Module Features
  • All display module pages have the Ajax add to cart function available. This can be enabled or disabled for each module in admin.
  • Module displayed in the center column, content, can be 3 or 4 column display.
  • Column Modules display in one column with similar content to 3 column display.
Page Display Options
  • Category, Manufacturer, and search pages include a right column display option menu. Selectable Items:
  • Number of columns to display: 1, 3, or 4 columns.
  • Total Number of Items per page.
  • Total Number of Items returned.
  • Filter by Manufacturer.
  • Filter by Model.
  • Sort by Item Number or Price, ascending or descending.
New Product Search
  • Cart search checks Product Number(name), Model, and Product Description for results. Words do not have to be complete word or be consecutive.
  • Product description can also include hidden keywords that are only available to help return search results, but will not be displayed.
  • This works in conjunction with the built in text editor that will display number of lines, each terminated by a </br> tag. This allows using text formaing safely.
  • This are also text display functions the return number of characters or number of complete words. Special formating is stripped using these funtions.
Product Detail Page
  • Includes short Description, Quantity on hand, Product Options, Special Pricing if available, Price inluding options, and resizable product image.
  • Product page includes tabbed Description, Technical Information, Additional Images, Additional Information such as (Minumum Quantity, weight, shipping, discounts, and manufacturer) , Existing Reviews on product, and a Review Write link.
  • Related products are shown in the Right Column if they are available for the product.
Product Pricing
  • Quantity Discounts by percentage of product price available.
  • Dated Special Pricing based on percentage or inserted price.
  • Product Options with pricing are available for each product .
  • This can be over ridden manually.
  • In admin, when produce price is modified, dated special pricing and quantity discounts are updated based on the new product price inserted.
Dynamic Category Menu
  • The category menu displays only relevant categories.
  • It is now modified to allow opening all categories.
  • A bread crumb trail is displayed when categories are opened, or when browsing additional categories.
Ajax Add to Cart
  • The Add to Cart funtion, without page reload, is available on all product display pages. This feature includes Product Image animation where the Image flys to the shopping cart when a product is displayed.
  • Minimum quantity is reflected in the drop down quantity box.
  • The Mini Cart is updated with each product addition.
HomePage Module
  • New: Home page module
  • This module is available the first time someone goes to the home page.
  • It displays Title, short and/or long text file, optional image and/ or flash file, all language dependent.
  • You can have more than one entry, with only one being enabled at a time.
  • Flash size can be set and you can upload flash files in admin.